Obtain a Social Security Card Replacement if yours was lost, damaged or stolen. Replacement Card

Change the name on your card because of a marriage, divorce or name change. Change Name on Card

Get a New Card for yourself or a family member who has never had a card before. Apply for First Card

Update information on a Social Security Card like birth date, middle name. Card Updates

Whether you’ve lost your social security card or someone has stolen your social security card, you’ve come to the right place. Alternatively, if your card is significantly damaged, replacing your social security card is the right thing to do.

Avoid Long Lines, Waits & Hassle at Offices:

Replacement Card Application Online

A social security card is likely one of the most important documents a person can possess. It’s imperative for a wide range of activities, from starting a new job to opening a bank account or applying for government benefits, like Medicare or Social Security. It’s also often required for employment and signing up for health benefits.
Before we get too far in the process, there are two things to remember when it comes to replacing a social security card. First, all supporting documents must be originals, not just notarized photocopies. Second, once you have everything gathered, you’ll need to submit the application to your regional Social Security Administration (SSA). If you submit your social security card replacement application to the SSA headquarters, it will likely be returned.

Replacement Card Application Online

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