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Find a good Social Security Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

Why would I need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

If a long-term disability makes you unable to work, you may be eligible to receive SSDI (Social Security Disability Benefits) from the government. In that case, lawyer can help you through this long process.

Note: You can also do it on behalf another member of your family.

How to choose the right lawyer

Finding a lawyer you can trust to help you through this difficult time is extremely important. When choosing a lawyer be sure to understand the amount of experience of the firm and lawyer that may handle your case & their fees associated with their service.

Top 3 Social Security Disability lawyers in Philadelphia

Disability Law Advocates Group
1617 John F Kennedy Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 352-5497
Free Evaluation Online

The Disability Law Office of Jeffrey S. Lichtman
1521 Locust Street
9th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 731-1150
Free Evaluation Online

Law Offices of Eric A. Shore
100 South Broad Street
Suite 1205

Philadelphia, PA 19110
(215) 627-9999
Free Evaluation Online